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OEEA Crochet > Company Profile > OEEA Crochet Shipping info


Shipping info

Shipment time

All goods send to you will base on your shipment item choose, Below is some latest shipment data for you reference.

It generally takes:
2-4 days to USA, Canada;
3-4 to days to Europe:
1-2 days to China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao;
3-4 to days to Australia;
2-3 days to Asia country;

• AIR SHIPMNET (By air plane)
It generally takes:
4-6 days to USA, Canada;
4-6 to days to Europe:
2-3 days to China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao;
4-5 to days to Australia;
4-5 days to Asia country;

• SEA SHIPMNET (Buy Sea surface )
It generally takes:
23-34 days to USA, Canada;
23-34 to days to Europe:
3-6 days to China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao;
21-31 to days to Australia;
10-26 days to Asia country;


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